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Hide Press
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MODULCLEAN Cleaning Roller
Up Puller

Fabricated Equipment

Multiple Systems specializes in development and fabrication of equipment for the Beef Packing Industry including, Beef Processing, Slaughter Kill Floor and, Hide processing for the Tannery operations.

Multiple Systems uses the highest quality components and material for the fabrication process. Parker cylinders, hydraulic valves and flow controls are standard on our equipment as well as Allen-Bradley electrical components.

The Side Puller incorporates a hydraulic gripper system that clamps to the sides of the hide. A backrest component is used to prevent damage to the spine of the cattle. The Up Puller is available in a single bar or scissor (Kosher) model.

The Down Puller utilizes the clothespin design to remove the hide from the carcass.

The Hide Press models include, the Standard series and Expanding Side versions. A Hide press utilizes a cage system to process a pallet load of hides per cycle. The pressure of the squeeze process stabilizes the pallet of hides and prevents the hides from slipping around during transport. The Standard Hide Press can be manufactured to accommodate various pallets sizes.

The Expanding Sides Hide Press applies both downward pressure and pressure from the sides. This process provides greater moisture removal than the Standard Hide Press as well as making a more uniform pallet load for transport. Configurations are available for various pallet sizes as well as bags.

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